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Cloud Migration Readiness Service

The “Cloud”, through cloud migration, promises IT organizations unprecedented value in the form of cost savings, faster innovation, superior scalability and most importantly – business agility. For many organizations, it is at the core of their IT digital transformation strategy. It is a disruptive force that requires application workload behavior knowledge, careful cloud migration planning and collaboration from knowledgeable, trusted advisors.

Many organizations are considering a lift and shift migration strategy for existing production applications. IT architects are charged with recommending cloud platforms, but it’s hard to know the performance and cost impacts of the various cloud service providers.

Virtual Instruments’ Cloud Migration Readiness (CMR) service provides cloud migration consulting, answering questions such as:

  • How do you know which application workloads to migrate and which to retain in the data center?
  • How do you choose the best cloud service providers for your applications?
  • How do you choose the optimal configurations for cloud deployment?
  • How do you accurately estimate costs?
  • How do you determine if migrated workloads are performing adequately and what can you do if they aren’t?

The Cloud Migration Readiness service takes advantage of years of field experience helping the largest Global 1000 IT enterprises with infrastructure performance management and application workload analysis. Our cloud migration service experts will help de-risk your cloud migration by validating the suitability of the targeted applications based on their on-premises performance SLAs, their dependencies, the preservation of performance in the Cloud, and the estimated cost – all before migrating your actual applications to the cloud!

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Enabling Federal IT Procurement

The flexibility and agility of the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) 8(a) program provides the federal government acquisition community, program managers, and operators with acquisition options in addition to traditional vendor/contractor procurement processes. Within the SBA 8(a) program, Small Disadvantaged Businesses qualifying for 8(a) status who are owned by an Alaskan Tribal entity, a Native American Tribal entity, or a Native Hawaiian Organization are entitled to unique privileges and benefits. Under the FAR, these businesses provide government customers a timely, FAR‐compliant alternative to securing solutions through direct, sole‐sourced contracts that can be processed quickly, efficiently and in many cases, within days of requirement identification. These contracts may be negotiated to ensure the procuring agency meets its program needs while ensuring the government gets best value for the agency and taxpayers. Learn more today!