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The Pure Storage Data Platform

In business today, data is fast becoming an organization’s most valuable asset. For many enterprises, data is, in fact, the lifeblood of the business. To maintain growth and competitive edge, organizations need to make data meaningful and actionable, and leverage it to power new customer services and experiences. The Data Platform provides all the storage services – block, VM, file, or object – needed to consolidate everything, whether databases, virtual machines, analytics, or webscale applications. It delivers Tier 1 data services to all workloads, and drives productivity with industry-leading data reduction, proven 99.9999% availability, non-disruptive everything, built-in data protection, global flash management, endless extensibility, and effortless simplicity. Learn more now!

Solution Overview | All-Flash Storage Built for the Cloud Era

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Pure Storage FlashArray Family

Whether it’s accelerating a single database, powering VMs and desktops, or the foundation of an an all-flash cloud, the rich data services and effortless operations of FlashArray will make your enterprise storage something you simply don’t worry about anymore. Pure Storage all-flash starts with unwavering reliability. That means your data is always-on, always-fast, and always-secure. FlashArray drives down cost with proven 5:1 average data reduction (deduplication +compression) across the FlashArray install base – that’s typically 2x better than the competition. FlashArray behaves like SaaS and the cloud. Deploy it once and keep expanding and improving performance, capacity, density, and/or features for 10 years or more – without downtime, performance impact, or data migrations. Learn more about the benefits of the Pure Storage FlashArray family now.



Federal Government Data Center Optimization Starts with Flash Storage

The growth in mobile computing, cloud software and infrastructure, and server-reducing virtualization have caused organizations to renew their focus on the most traditional part of IT – the data center. Large organizations, including the federal government, have spent the last several years trying to reduce the population of data centers. That means the remaining ones have to be all the more modern and efficient. One component in a simplified, lower cost, and more secure IT infrastructure consists of a basic but essential IT building block, namely the storage medium. A linchpin in any IT apparatus, storage represents a major cost element. Beyond the acquisition costs of disk arrays themselves, agencies are obligated to consider the lifecycle costs of storage, including maintenance, repair and power consumption. Learn more now about how Pure Storage is leading the charge in federal data center optimization.



Solution Brief | Federal Government Data Center Optimization