All-In-One Hyperconverged Data Center Infrastructure Designed to Deliver Optimized Video Surveillance for Public Sector and Enterprise Organizations

Next-Gen HCI Solution for Federal Data Center Modernization

Whether they are warfighters on the battlefield, responders in a disaster zone, law enforcement teams on a crime scene, or scientists in the field, federal personnel at the tactical edge need to receive, analyze and relay information quickly to accomplish their missions. The challenge of federal agencies today is to deliver this capability to their personnel in a way that is highly efficient, economical, and reliable. Today’s federal modernization initiatives include consolidating and optimizing the data center, embracing cloud and shared service models, and implementing IT strategies to become more agile. Wherever agencies are on that modernization path, Pivot3 hyperconverged infrastructure brings demonstrated and lasting value. Benefits of Pivot3 Acuity Solution include:

  • Service and support both virtualized and non-virtualized workloads
  • Provides faster time to value for data center expenditures and lower total cost of ownership
  • Less up-front cost and less time to fully utilize new resources
  • Ability to scale compute and storage independently of one another
  • Ability to automate and schedule granular quality-of-service settings



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Video Surveillance Infrastructure Solution

Pivot3 enables organizations to consolidate data storage, video management, access control and other related security applications onto a single, all-in-one IT infrastructure that delivers the performance, resiliency and scalability required by modern surveillance technologies. Benefits of Pivot3 Video Surveillance Infrastructure Solution include:

  • Purpose-built to handle the unique requirements of modern video surveillance workloads
  • Servers and storage are virtualized into a single surveillance infrastructure
  • Simple, single pane-of-glass management, designed for ease of use by non-technical personnel


Top 10 Reasons to Modernize Your Data Center with Pivot3

A successful implementation of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solutions largely depends on its underlying architecture and whether it can deliver the right combination of performance, scale and efficiency. While the first generation of HCI simplified IT operations for a limited number of applications, it was not designed to support multiple, mixed workloads, deliver predictable performance, or automate resource management to meet modern business demands. Pivot3 is ushering the next generation of hyperconvergence with solutions that are performance-architected, priority-aware, and policy based. Fast, simple, smart. Learn more about Pivot3 now!



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Providing Intelligent Infrastructure for Federal Financial Mission-Critical IT

Copper River Tech, together with Pivot3, build simple, intelligent and automated hyperconverged infrastructure solutions to support any workload, any datacenter initiative and any IT environment, whether on-premise, edge or public cloud. Pivot3 is the only hyperconverged infrastructure provider with an Intelligence Engine that eliminates resource contention, automates data and workload mobility, prioritizes resources to your most important workloads and lets you consolidate them on one infrastructure with confidence. Let more about our HCI solutions for Federal Financial Agencies today!